Photograph of mountains in northern New Hampshire, including mount Washington and nearby peaks.

Doing What You’ve Always Done Earns What You’ve Always Gotten

Photograph of mountains in northern New Hampshire, including mount Washington and nearby peaks.
Mount Washington and environs in northern NH, USA

Due to “things,” I blew right past the calendar entry where I’d intended to do my writing. As a result, I’m writing this when I am “supposed to be” asleep.

I stated reading The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco, and boy does it make me feel lousy. The author doesn’t call me out specifically, he merely calls out all the behaviors that I’ve been engaging in that are just about guaranteed to keep me poor. Not poor poor—meaning, I earn enough money to have a good roof over my head, eat enough, and meet all of my obligations—but that I (was) regularly engaging in practices that would ensure that I would either retire (relatively) broke or work till the grave.

I’m still reading (with my eyes) Atomic Habits, but I used this month’s credit to start The Millionaire Fastlane in order to productively use my ears and brain when my hands were otherwise occupied (like for cooking and dishes).

I felt embarrassed—even alone in my kitchen—to hear the author talk about the many habits I’d engaged in that were sure to keep me tethered to my job indefinitely. I want to be free. Wealth is freedom. One of the cool corrollaries between the author and me is that when I was a teenager, I too thought that a Lamborghini Countach was the epitome of personal success. It was not until a few decades later that my concept of “wealthy” (in terms of material things) altered significantly. The key tenant, however, is freedom: The ability to do what you wish when you wish is paramount.

Red Lamborghini Countach parked in the shade of a building.
Lamborghini Countach – the Seventeen-year-old’s Dream Car

Not “whatever you wish” in a Clockwork Orange ultraviolence manner, but simply setting my own schedule and calendar, and working on the project or projects that make the most sense to me in terms of importance and desireability.

I am incredibly grateful that I shifted my awareness, last month, and focused on new techniques, habits, and time allocation.

I want to be wealthy. Not just in a big net worth, but in the way that really matters:


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