Mickey Mullin

Mickey Mullin

I’ve learned a great many excellent lessons that I’ve heretofore failed to apply. Here is where that changes. Follow me on my journey from corporate drudge to fully realized human.

Love Your Mistakes

“Learn from your mistakes.” It’s an important adage and a timeless lesson. It is in fact a lesson within a lesson: Mistakes are the most important part of learning. Only by attempting

What If?

What if you weren’t competing with younger, better-looking people for younger audiences, because you’re not targeting that audience in the first place? What if you who are reading this aren’t

Get the Time

When I get around to it. Just as soon as I can. Someday... One day. One of these days. Won’t that be something! You’ll see! When I get the... TIME. Tim

You Have Enough

I (finally) published a video. I've had a YouTube channel for a very long time, but I'd posted only seventeen videos over a nine year period and none at all in the last


This morning started poorly. The events that made it a poor start aren't important, but how I reacted to them is: I got upset. Having multiple challenges come simultaneously or in quick succession