Video Killed the Ugly Radio Star

I'm a YouTuber. It doesn't matter where my viewers number in the dozens (which is true as of this writing) or the millions (which is not true as of this writing). What matters is how I think about myself. (Thank you, Mr. Clear). I recorded a video today. The video was meh, the microphone was not the one I thought it was, and it was choppy. Also, the lighting was bad. It was also real and it happened.

That's important. Did I mention, "Screw it, do it"? That's important.

Go forth. Do. Act.

Get your stuff done. I don't know what your stuff is. Hell, I can barely figure out what my stuff should be, but whatever your bean is, plant it. It cannot grow until you do.

Mickey Mullin

Mickey Mullin

I’ve learned a great many excellent lessons that I’ve heretofore failed to apply. Here is where that changes. Follow me on my journey from corporate drudge to fully realized human.
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