You Have Enough

I (finally) published a video. I've had a YouTube channel for a very long time, but I'd posted only seventeen videos over a nine year period and none at all in the last five videos. Add to the silliness, I've wanted to act and perform for my entire life.

Why didn't I start sooner? There are a number of reasons, some of which I'll go into in later posts. For now, I'll concentrate on the one that my video addresses: Feeling unprepared. I had a sense that if I had all the right equipment and education that then I could begin. I needed a camera, a microphone, a mixer, an editing computer, a proper backdrop, better lighting, to ditch the backdrop for a prepared space, a separate room to use as a studio, a second camera for multiple angles... The list goes on, and it got longer any time I procured the next absolutely necessary item.

I recorded the above video using my phone, a tripod, and an inexpensive wireless lavalier microphone, after buying hundreds—sorry, thousands—of dollars in equipment, most of which I either did not need or could not use for this type of video (which will be common for my channel).

The original title was "You Are Enough," and that is the message that I actually specify within the video itself. When publishing, I decided to change the "are" to "have," because I was worried about people getting the wrong idea about the message I was sending. In other words, it's not an existential message—i.e., you are a worthwhile human being in your own right (which is also true)—but rather that you have everything you need to (begin) anything that you wish to do by the simple merit of being a self-directed human being.

For me, it was about shooting a video. For you, it may be running a marathon, starting a company, or writing a book. You don't need the "right" shoes, college degree, or laptop. You already have everything you need to start anything that you want to accomplish.

You are enough.

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Mickey Mullin

Mickey Mullin

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