Love Your Mistakes

“Learn from your mistakes.” It’s an important adage and a timeless lesson. It is in fact a lesson within a lesson: Mistakes are the most important part of learning. Only by attempting

What If?

What if you weren’t competing with younger, better-looking people for younger audiences, because you’re not targeting that audience in the first place? What if you who are reading this aren’t

Get the Time

When I get around to it. Just as soon as I can. Someday... One day. One of these days. Won’t that be something! You’ll see! When I get the... TIME. Tim

You Have Enough

I (finally) published a video. I've had a YouTube channel for a very long time, but I'd posted only seventeen videos over a nine year period and none at all in the last


This morning started poorly. The events that made it a poor start aren't important, but how I reacted to them is: I got upset. Having multiple challenges come simultaneously or in quick succession