Hey, it’s Mickey!

My Story Up to Now
  1. Read voraciously
  2. Push my boundaries and get uncomfortable
  3. Maintain a positive attitude
  4. Cultivate a pleasing personality and foster great relationships
Mickey in a loincloth performing at night with fire poi.

Early Life

Mickey has been commanding computers to do his bidding since age eight, when he started coding computer games on a hand-me-down TI-99/4A, before later graduating to a (hand-me-down) Commodore 64.

Mickey’s family moved to rural Arkansas when he was ten, and he lived in the Ozarks until age 19 when he moved out to North Carolina.

Mickey atop Rock Rimmon, overlooking Manchester, NH
I live here, now. (The city, not the cliffside.)

Small Business and Consulting

Mickey and business partners for Websoft.
Mickey and partners in 2001. Your boy’s the tall one.

Professionally, Mickey worked in small businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations before launching Websoft in the early 2000’s, attracting Fortune 500 clients to his Web-based training platform.

Following that venture, he joined a consulting group in New York City and lent his capabilities to financial management groups and multinational healthcare corporations.

Training and Speaking

Mickey took five years away from programming to travel the United States and Caribbean, training thousands of individuals from dozens of organizations—individuals, small businesses, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and even the U.S. government—on software development, database administration, and computer systems and network security.


From 2013 through 2023, Mickey worked as a senior software engineer at Microsoft and then at AOL/Verizon/Yahoo as a software engineer and then as a personnel manager, guiding multiple teams to build high volume, low latency, high availability systems in ad technology.

It wasn’t always quite so dystopian…

Going Forward

Mickey now writes articles, publishes videos, and builds courses to help individuals achieve their highest potential and happiness.

Mickey in spectacles looking at camera.
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