Mickey wearing spectacles, reading the book Atomic Habits.

Critical Mass

Mickey standing below the monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Kharkhiv, Ukraine.
Me at Soldier-Liberator monument in Kharkhiv, Ukraine

Atomic Habits is in front of me. In the moment, it represents everything I wish to do.

  1. I want to be wealthy. I make more money than I imagined I could years ago, yet have almost nothing saved. Bad habits and hiding my head in the sand have brought me here. New habits that will achieve wealth and all that it allows are next.
  2. My fiancée and I are going to start an e-learning company. Our flagship course will be teaching Spanish.
  3. I will write a blot entry and release a related video at least once per week.
    * I want to write about a topic and do a related video. I foresee sometimes the video basically being me speaking the same message that I write, while others will find the two related only by inspiration.
    * This plan comes from my longstanding frustration about not being able to find something I could just read when I wanted to know how to do something.
  4. At some point, I want to add a podcast to this with the same release frequency. Initially, it could be the audio from the video, but I want it to evolve into something more cohesive. Perhaps still with audio from the video release, but probably with longer run times. This will not be until the videos and blog posts are solid and humming along.

To get these rolling, I need to do the following:

  1. Set up my eponymous domain and get the basic scaffolding in place. (You Are Here. Hi!)
  2. Ensure my YouTube channel has my name on it and that unrelated old videos are private or unlisted.
  3. Watch videos and take courses on using a video editor and on blogging.

Physically, I want to set up a studio and recording space in my home that looks presentable for shooting.

Just Do It.


or better yet:

Screw it. Do it.

—Richard Branson

I’ve already bought a ton of equipment. I could use more and better, but there is no benefit to waiting.


Mickey wearing spectacles, reading the book Atomic Habits.

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