Water rushing over and between rocks.


Water rushing over and through rocks, churning into small white rapids.
Rapids near Wildcat Falls in Merrimack, NH

This morning started poorly. The events that made it a poor start aren’t important, but how I reacted to them is: I got upset.

Having multiple challenges come simultaneously or in quick succession can be cause for frustration and anger, or they can elevate you to greater heights of energy and focus. My normal inclination—habit—is the former. I slammed doors, I hit the steering wheel, I screamed once I was alone, all trying to release the pressure that was building.

Well, not “the pressure that was building,” but rather, “the pressure that I built.” Events occur all the time, and many of them are not what we would have wished. We cannot control all things that happen in the world around us, but we can choose how we respond to them. We can choose what emotions to nurture, what actions to take, and how to respond to the next unexpected event.

Aspire to be at peace when storms rage.

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